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Timothy Bishop, the site owner.

Timothy Bishop, the site owner.

Welcome to BioSphereHotels.org! this website has been created to follow the path of providing knowledge on everything about the Biosphere specifically to follow the cause of building the Biosphere in Montreal, as it aims to provide the wisdom of knowing how the Biosphere works.

Lead by the site founder Timothy Bishop, TheBiospherehotel.org has been created and launched to accommodate all the needs of visitors, researchers, students and the likes.

Here at Biospherehotels.org you will be provided with different contents and guides like the sample article previously written:

“During repairs in May 1976 the external acrylic shell was destroyed in a marvelous fire that lasted simply half an hour, although the structure stayed in place. The shell was never replaced and the City of Montreal banned access to it for a long time. In 1992 the structure was reborn by the Parc Jean Drapeau management plan, which was organized around the dominant feature, water. Environment Canada and the City of Montreal signed to an agreement for $17.5 million to change over the biosphere into an eco-activity site devoted to the study water and the Great Lakes – St. Laurence River ecosystem. Montreal architect Eric Gauthier won the design rivalry for the Biosphere’s interior renovation. Fuller was a specialist at domes, however, this was a masterpiece. At the end of the 1967 exhibition, the US gave the structure in the city. Regardless of a major fire in 1976 during a renovation, the biosphere was officially opened in the year 1995 after some more design changes. Since the Biosphere annual themes have included a variety of environmental themes, for instance, Climate Warning! in 2000 and H2O Variations. In 1998 the Biosphere entered a vital union with the Cousteau team, a first in North America, for joint projects aimed for expanding general society consciousness of water protection…”

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